There is no informal camping or access to the forest at night.   

WFEP Nursery
Staying in the Forest - the Nursery 

You can book to stay at the Nursery Campsite.  This is the only place you may stay overnight in the forest.

This is the only place in the forest you can stay, and has a kitchen, shower and toilet plus bunk beds for four. 

Other camping is permitted in tents/trucks etc. 

There are four paddocks for horses, and tie up/wash down areas.

Book via Woodhill Forest website - Eke Hoiho 

Nursery Campsite
Getting to the Nursery

If you are coming from either Rimmer Rd, or Muriwai and have arranged to stay at The Nursery.  

  • Follow the trail to Old Telephone Track.
  • Follow the Eke Hoiho Markers 'home' to the Parking lot (East) 
  • Ride\Walk through the carpark (continue East) and down the hill to the Nursery.

WFEP Nursery

Staying Nearby

NZ Bridleways has listings of accommodation and other places to ride nearby.  

Why "The Nursery?"

This is the old site of the main nursery for all the plants and trees used to stabilise the dunes and create the forest.