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Keep your eyes peeled for the birds and animals that make the forest and dunes their home.  How many of these can you see along the trail?

Fallow deer

(Dama dama) are common.  These are gorgeous little deer, that don't seem to mind horses so you can get pretty close.  If you are walking quietly you can often see them too
Fallow deer - dama dama
Although they come in a variety of  colours, you will mainly see the dark chocolate to black coloured deer in the forest.
fallow deer
They will often move into recreation areas to avoid hunters, and enjoy leaping into the neighbouring properties to have a feast on the grass when food is scarce.
These deer are  hunted in Woodhill Forest under a permit system, however there are also frequent poaching incidents.   If you see anyone in the forest with a firearm immediately phone 111 and report them.  More Information
Other Deer
I have seen one big red stag, and have heard that red deer that have escaped from farms are indeed in the forest.  So keep an eye out for them too!


No where near as lovely as the deer, there are wild pigs in the forest, including some very large ones.  Large boars and sows with piglets can be very aggressive, so keep your distance and make sure that they know you're there if you see one on your walk.  They have excellent smell, but not very good eyesight and a startled pig is not a happy pig.   Mostly they are happy to be about their business, if you leave them some space.