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The Forest

Commercial Forestry
The trails travel north-south through the coastal strip of  Woodhill Forest. 

This is a working commercial forest, please take notice of all warnings.  Stay clear of all forestry operations for your own safety.  Large machinery, and logging trucks may be in operation in many areas of the forest.

Check the Official Website, or info line for access information


Public information line

0800 732 738

Woodhill Forest was a Crown Forest currently licensed for tree felling to Carter Holt Harvey, under management by Hancock Forest Management.  The forest is being returned to Ngati Whatua o Kaipara as part of the Treat of Waitangi settlement to that Iwi. 

Ngati Whatua o Kaipara have full ownership of the land as of 2012. Handover of the forest license includes a 35 year tree felling clause, in which Hancock Forest Management will gradually hand back blocks of trees as they are felled.
pine cone

How Big is this Forest?

The entire forest covers approx 12,500 ha from Muriwai in the South to South Head in the North.  

Why is there a pine forest on the beach?

Woodhill Forest and a number of other pine forests on the coast of New Zealand were planted to halt severe erosion and dune migration.  

It is almost entirely planted in Radiata Pine pinus radiata (also known as the Monterey Pine) as under the license this is the only tree that may be planted.
There are some experimental blocks of eucalypt near Muriwai, the coastal conservation strip (where most of the trails lie) are a mix of maritime pines, wild radiata, some newly planted macrocarpa and natives (in the regional park area).