Whether going for a picnic with the family, day trip to walk the trail, or using the trail as a section of a longer journey, please take a moment to prepare.   

Before you Go:


  • Take your cellphone. But be prepared for many places without coverage!  Have a plan B - tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back.
  • Horse riders - make sure your registration is current, or organise a day pass. Take your key!
  • Have a water supply with you on hot days
  • Good walking shoes are recommended.

Please Note!

There is NO CAMPING in the forest at any time (except if you book at the nursery site through WFEP)

There is NO SMOKING\ NO FIRES OF ANY KIND are permitted in the any part of the forest AT ANY TIME.

Taking the kids?

Take a look at our Explore Sections and see how many plants or animals you can spot on your journey...

There are plenty of lovely spots to stop and have a break, and a picnic.  Please make sure you are off the trail!  Horses may be travelling the trail at speed, and will not see you low on the ground or may be frightened by blankets or other items on the ground. 

Help in an Emergency

Dial 111
If you are confronted by someone with a firearm - Call the Police.  If you do not wish to use the emergency number call Kumeu Police Phone (09) 412 7756
If you or someone in your group is injured.  Call for an ambulance.
  • Try to make your way to Coast Rd, if it is possible to move. (Do not move someone with a head or back injury)
  • Give emergency services the name of any forest road you are near, or have just passed.
  • If you are near of have just passed a Km marker - tell them that information too - Tell the operator that this is approx how far North of Old Telephone Track you are.