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Eke Hoiho is one of the few places that you can ride along with your dogs.   Sadly, horse riders often have a lax attitude toward dog training, and dog control - dogs that do not come when called (first time, not fiftieth time you call), or roaming around unsupervised while the owner is occupied with their horse.    

Please remember ALL dogs must be UNDER CONTROL at all times, and ON A LEASH when in the CARPARK.  They must be on a leash (or in your vehicle) until you leave on your ride - not roaming around while you tack up -  and after a ride
Eke Hoiho registered riders can ride with their dogs.   
There are a number of additional hazards in the forest, not least is the sheer size of the place, and the commercial forestry activities.  There are plenty of bird, and animal smells to investigate and it is not uncommon to lose a dog in the forest. 

If you lose your dog (and must leave the area):

  • Leave an item of clothing at the place you last saw the dog.  Almost all dogs will return to the place they last saw you, and will stay by your smell if they don't know where to find you.  Return to that place to look for the dog again.
  • Let Forest Management and recreation operators in the nearby area know that you have lost your dog.  Amazingly some people don't think to let anyone know!  There are plenty of people in the forest on a daily basis, if they know there is a lost dog they can often catch it for you.  If they don't know it's lost they will just think it's having a nice time, and the owners are out of sight.

Dangers in the Forest

Be aware that there may be herbicides, and pest control operations in the forest from time-to-time so we suggest that you keep your dog in sight and supervised to make sure they aren't eating something they shouldn't, or getting into harms way.

Sharing with Horses and Others

Please be considerate of others and keep your dog under control at all times. 
Horse riders with dogs are expected to be able to call their dogs to their horse's side (recall), and not allow them to annoy other riders, their horses or walkers in the forest.

Riders must be registered and obey all rules of Eke Hoiho this includes having all dogs on a leash while in the Restall Road carpark.
Young herding breed dogs are a particular risk, as their instinct is to approach the heels of the horse.
A horse can kill a dog with a single kick, and this has happened recently to an uncontrolled dog.  

It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your dog, the horse and rider.

Please keep your dogs out of water troughs. 


These are provided to give some drinking water for dogs and horses only.  Most of the trail troughs are filled via rain water only, as it is too expensive to buy in water tankers so please respect this precious resource.
Many horses wont drink from troughs if dogs have been bathing in them, please help our animals stay hydrated by keeping the troughs for drinking only.