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Parking and Getting There Information
IMPORTANT:  There is no (at best unreliable) cellphone reception at Rimmer Rd.  You should organise a time for pickup if you are walking from the South to Rimmer Rd. Do not assume you can call for a pickup when you get there.

From the South

You can choose to start either in Muriwai village, or along Coast Rd, or at the entrance to the forest. If you would like to have a lovely coffee or meal to start your walk, or just prefer to park in a populated area, why not park near the ranger station and Sand Dunz Cafe on Motutara Rd. From here, start your walk by following the footpath back up Motutara Rd to the fire station.  
  • Approx 1 km
Turn left down Coast Rd, until you get to the tennis courts.  This is another option for parking, and the start of a walking track that takes you through the golf course and up to the horse park, and forest gate.
  • Golf Course walking Track approx 1.7 km


When you arrive at the horse park, you will find option 3 for parking and the beginning of your journey.  Park either in the public carpark, or directly outisde the forest gates.  Do not park in the horsepark, or block the gates.  If you find a spot just outside the forestry gates, this will give you shade for your vehicle in the summer.
From here follow Coast Rd, if you are walking.  You will see the horse trail markers  on your left approx 1km north.  You can walk on either the trails or Coast Rd. 
Approx 5km from the start you will notice that the open grasslands to the coastal side of the road disappear.  We suggest that anyone who is walking on Coast Rd, join the horse trails at this point so that you can enjoy a walk through the forest and regenerating native bush.    
  • Horse Park \ Forestry Gate to Old Telephone Track approx 8 km
  • Water Troughs ar e located at South Block Rd, Restall Rd and Old Telephone Track (for horses).  Please keep dogs out of the troughs as many horses refuse to drink water that dogs have been in. 

Old Telephone Track is the end of Muriwai Regional Park.
If you have been walking Coast Rd, turn left on Old Telephone Track to pick up the beginning of Woodhill Heritage Trails Te Ara Raranga (the weaving trail).
Old Telephone Track Intersection

Corner CoastRd and Old Telep

Horse Riders, you must be registered with Eke Hoiho and abide by all rules to ride in the forest from this point north.   If you have booked to stay at the Nursery - follow Old Telephone Track east and the Eke Hoiho markers up to the Eke Hoiho carkpark and nursery cabin.
You can now follow Te Ara Raranga (the weaving trail) all the way north to Rimmer Rd. 
  • This is approx 9 km. 
  • There are some water troughs along this route, however they are rain fed only!
  • There is NO water at Rimmer Rd, make sure you take adequate water for yourself on the trail and for your animals, particularly on a hot day.  Make sure that the person picking you up at Rimmer Rd brings water with them. 

The route includes plenty of places where there is shade and places to stop and rest, and often a welcome breeze off the sea on a hot day.  But remember you must be out of the forest by the time the gates are locked.

At Temu Rd, you will change from the wide graded trail to an older section of trail that is sometimes narrow. 
Continue to follow the blue markers North, or if you are getting to the end of your stamina take a break at Temu Rd, then change onto Coast Rd and take the easy walk (flat) along the road for the last couple of kilometres.
Congratulations! We hope you enjoyed your trail experience.


From the North

Park at the bottom of Rimmer Rd.  There are no real parking options further up Rimmer Rd at this time, although there is nothing to stop you walking down the road if you wish.
Be aware of the current gate opening times.  Call 0800 RECRE8 0800 732 738 to check current conditions before undertaking this trail.
Walk through the forestry entrance (currently a gate a concrete blocks) and look for markers on the right (coastal) side of the road.
Be aware that there are also forestry walking track markers - these are a walker only symbol in a mustard yellow colour.
Follow the markers (yellow horse and walker) on the trails south. Reverse the noth bound information.  You can follow Coast Rd for the first section if you prefer.  You may see markers close to the road in many places where you can join the trail(s).  Temu Rd is a mjor intersection where you can follow either Te Ara Raranga or Te Ara Haruru (the roaring trail) .