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Getting There

To get to the trails you can use any of the following access points:
  • Coast Rd, Muriwai  - Southern Access Point
  • Rimmer Rd, Helensville - Northern Access Point
  • Restall Rd, Woodhill - Central Access Point

Access Times 

These trails can be travelled in either direction, but you cannot stay in the forest so plan to be picked up from one of the carparks if you are doing a one-way walk or ride only.
If you intend to make a return trip (approx 30km) starting from Muriwai in the South gives you the most time, as the public parking is open 24hrs.
Rimmer Rd access is open from 6am to 9pm.
However if you travel from Rimmer Rd in the North, you must make your journey before the Rimmer Rd gates are locked.

You may not camp or sleep in the forest overnight.




Car Parking

There is parking at both ends, both for walkers and horse riders.
In the south the trails join onto the trails in the Muriwai Regional Park.  
In the north, the trails start at the bottom of Rimmer Rd (public access easement through the forest to the beach). 

You must plan to be out of the forest by night fall.  

The gates at Rimmer Rd are locked each night, there is no camping in the forest.  

The only exception is if you book into The Nursery in Woodhill Forest Equestrian Park (WFEP) and ride or walk the trails from the centre outwards.

Rimmer Rd carparking

Rimmer Rd Parking Area. 

lock it or lose it
Please lock your vehicle, and make sure valuables are out of sight, or kept with you on the trail.

Muriwai Parking 

Car parking at Muriwai is more varied.  There is parking for both walkers and horse trucks near the forest gates on Coast Rd, or walkers can park in Muriwai beach 'village' near the ranger station and cafe.